The lawyer Elshikh Saleh Ben Gasem Tahhan, was born in Kaudna which is affiliated of the AL Qunaytirah governorate in Syria.

In 1940 : he had his primary education at Elgolan  as he was very good so he was one of the first  in the primary school certificate that called  Elsertifica

As a result he was given an education grant to study in the internal sections of schools in Damascus

That education grant was given for superiors.

He had continued his prepratory and secondary studies after getting the secondary certificate  he joined Damascus University where he studied law in the college of laws, he graduated from it. And got the Bachelor degree in laws.

Then he got Bachelor degree in Business Management in the same university, and he kept going in studying high administrative sciences in Egypt.

He worked as an employee in central Syrian Bank and he made a deep friendship with senior bank staff as he loved them, they loved him back and he had a special position in the central Bank

He was elected in 1973

As a member in the Syrian parliament and he was an effective person in the parliament and defended people's rights.

Also he was very lovable by the president Mohamed Elhalby and a member of the council

He had a good relation with some members of council such as Marwan Shekho that he was a famous person who works in Damascus' radio broadcast and others.

He worked as a lawyer after he quit his job at the national bank, and he was such a great and clever lawyer who was loved by all honourable judges in Damascus and many other cities, as well as being loved and respected by his friends lawyers.

He loved Damascus so much where he spent most of his life also its public districts smelling nice scents of Jasmine especially El mezza district _ Western villas_ where he used to live.

Saleh El Tahan loved his family, relatives and the members of his clan as he used to encourage them to learn and be more informative to cope up with modern civilization.

Also I still remember how he was in a such great agony after Israel took over El Golan in 1973, and many other villages and towns in October 1973.

He mourned over his country when he realized it was held a hostage by coward leaders against enemies. And he always wished for his home salvation from all the absolutism forced by weapons.

He was a unitary who liked Arab and Muslim unit and he always Dreamed of his united country to take back its lands, freedom and dignity.

He travelled to many countries such as Germany, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and Emirates where he was fascinated by the great renaissance and development in such a short time when he visited it in 1995. And he deeply wished for all Arab  countries to take the same path.

May Allah rest his soul in peace, as he was an honest and brave man defending the poor so he took the lead in high positions among his governorate and many other governorates especially Damascus.

When he died in June 2000, people grieved so much for him and the obstructed streets with thousand people in his funeral is the best proof for how much he was loved.

Lastly, this is a brief about an honourable man. And I hope these few lines show